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The Kinsman's Tree (Book 1)

Introducing the first novel in an epic new adventure series from Timothy Michael Hurst, The Kinsman’s Tree.

Enter a magical world where unlikely heroes battle strange and powerful enemies. The world has fallen under the dominion of the evil Empire of Chō and its mysterious and threatening wraith army, the Nihúkolem. Hidden away in the village of Endego, a race of tiny creatures, the Etom, struggle to survive.

Join two Etom, Nat and Nida, on an intriguing journey to discover the origins of the Empire’s power and its undoing. Supernatural events guide them as they seek to solve the mystery and locate the world’s only remaining hope, the Kinsman.

Bravery, peril, romance, and meaningful truth abound throughout, artfully interwoven to maintain the excitement and interest of any reader.


The Æglet's Answer (The Kinsman's Tree Book 2)

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Introducing The Æglet’s Answer, the second novel in the epic adventure series from Timothy Michael Hurst.

Return to a land full of supernatural wonder. Return to the world of The Kinsman’s Tree.

Their mission to locate the Kinsman thwarted, Company Jasper yet languishes in the clutches of the perverse Doctor Scarsburrow.

Meanwhile, Nat’s discovery of the Kinsman’s Tree brings him into contact with friends old and new. Employing mysterious abilities and the aid of an unlikely ally, Nat plans his return to Sakkan with hopes of rescuing his mother and friends from captivity.

But little does the young Etom know that his involvement with the Kinsman’s Tree will call down unwanted attention on his friends back in Endego, placing them in danger.



Keys to the Captive Heart (The Kinsman's Tree Book 3)

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With the Empire of Chōl bent on their destruction, the Etom of Endego and their newfound allies brace for the enemy’s assault. Against an army of such colossal foes, how might the tiny creatures possibly stand a chance?

Meanwhile, events set in motion during Company Jasper’s daring escape from Sakkan lead Nat and his friends on a search for one the Eben’kayah thought lost long ago. Along their journey will they discover the Keys to the Captive Heart?



The Fowler's Arrow (The Kinsman's Tree Book 4)

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The Fowler’s Arrow, the fourth installment of The Kinsman’s Tree Series concludes the epic adventure from author Timothy Michael Hurst. Join us as we return one final time to the world of The Kinsman’s Tree.

With the rescue of Jaarl, Nat encounters the father he never knew, but what does Jaarl’s return mean for the budding romance between Nida and Dempsey?

Meanwhile, the Nihúkolem, intent in their desire to destroy the Kinship, set their plot against those chosen of Elyon in motion. Setting the hook with a bait most tantalizing to those who love the Kinsman and His Kingdom, Mūk-Mudón and his generals lie in wait.

When rallied to take action against the Empire, the Etom are also warned that not all will survive. Can they stand strong when arrows fly against the beloved of the Kinship?